“Single Session Trainings That Help You Design, Create and Produce Inspired Products MORE Quickly!”
What Are “Single Session Trainings?”
“Single Session Trainings” represents a fresh approach to learning. Instead of presenting some new training through multi-module courses, it makes more sense to offer the content in a single session. In addition, some of my existing course modules will ALSO be offered here as individual sessions. This approach offers numerous benefits to my students:
  •  Focused, specialized training on topics that may be have a smaller audience or interest.
  •  The ability to easily gauge interest in certain topics before offering a full course on the subject.
  •  The opportunity to purchase individual modules of an existing course rather than needing to invest in the full training.
  •  A budget-sensitive price point that introduces students to larger trainings without additional expense.
  •  Expand on existing courses or themes without the need to reteach the topic or create another full course.
  •  Faster time to market on time-sensitive topics that would benefit from action taken sooner than later.

Your Teacher...
Tony Laidig

Tony Laidig is taking
a lifetime of design adventures to new horizons in online training. From his first published photos at 
19 and on to becoming a prolific, award-winning book cover designer he proved his parents worries wrong while doing what he loved. 

Today he loves combining his passions for illustration, photography and book design while connecting with likeminded people in online training, empowering entrepreneurs to do what they love. On his downtime he loves hanging out with his grandkids and his own personal ninja.
Each “Single Session Training” Will Include...
Single-Session Training Video, Slides PDF, Session Transcript (unedited).
Brand-New Exclusive Training: 
In this brand-new Single Session Training, we take a deep look into WHY people struggle with marketing...whether it's for digital products, physical goods, services, retail locations, arts & crafts...literally ANY product or service.

People often say that they HATE marketing, but I've found is they REALLY mean how certain types of marketing makes them feel. That's an important distinction! The reality is that ALL of us are marketing EVERY single day, and usually MOST of the day.
In This Session:
  • The “REAL” Problem With Marketing (and the REAL solution).
  • Surprise! You Are ALREADY Marketing!
  • Hate “Marketing”? Do THIS Instead.
  • Simple “UnMarketing” Strategies That Actually Work.
  • How to Rise Above the Marketing Noise.
  • And Much More!
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New “Single Session Trainings” Will Be Added on a Regular Basis!
Possible Future Topics: Software Deep Dives, Popular Apps, iPhoneography, Marketing and Traffic Insights, Making Custom Toys, Modules from the Hacks Trainings, Hybrid Illustration Styles and Much More!
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