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“The MasterClass Modules” represent a fresh approach to learning. Instead of presenting new training through multi-module courses, it makes more sense at times to offer the content as a single module. This approach offers numerous learning benefits:
  • Focused, specialized training on topics that may not require a full course, like a Deep Dive or a specific technique or strategy.
  • ​Faster time to market on time-sensitive topics that would benefit from action taken sooner than later.
  • The ability to easily gauge interest in certain topics before offering a full course on a given topic.
  • ​Customer input for future trainings.
  • Expand on existing courses or themes without the need to reteach the topic or create another full course.
  • ​And Much More!
Here is how it works: The New 2023 Season begins Tuesday, January 10th, 2023! Each Tuesday throughout 2023, a new MasterClass Module will be taught live (50 in total). You can choose to purchase any week you choose for just $27 each...OR...invest in all 50 (for the ENTIRE year of 2023) for a single payment of just $777 (and save $573)! Each individual module will be listed below! 

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January 10, 2023
AI is transforming nearly every software tool we use, including Search Engines.
In this Module, you will discover an amazing new tool that changes the search game forever!
Just $47 $27
January 17, 2023
There is a LOT of buzz about ChatGPT, but is it the BEST option for text-to-text? In this MasterClass we will answer that question by comparing all the current options available.
Just $47 $27
January 24, 2023
Puzzle Books are a fun, evergreen low-content book. But are they still relevant today? Do they still sell? In this Module, we will look at the latest strategies, tools, and more for Puzzle Books!
Just $47 $27
January 31, 2023
With Kindle Vella, U.S. based authors can publish serialized stories, one short episode at a time. And with the advent of AI, producing these can be easier now than ever!
Just $47 $27
February 7, 2023
Each year, I create Fantasy Portraits of each of my Grandkiddos. This year I chose to use AI for a new approach. This Module reveals how I created them and the strategies required!
Just $47 $27
February 14, 2023
AI Tools have made creating AMAZING art accessible to everyone! One great way to leverage this art is to turn it into physical goods! I will share some exciting options with you during this training!
Just $47 $27
February 21, 2023
Out of the MANY new AI Art platforms coming on the scene, 3 caught my attention as serious competition for MidJourney! The results are amazing. Plus, the platforms offer incredible new options!
Just $47 $27
February 28, 2023
The new text-to-audio tools available open a LOT of new doors for product and content creators. Plus, the audio sounds convincing and human! Turn AI text it into audio, video & MORE!
Just $47 $27
March 7, 2023
Creating art prompts for generating awesome AI images can be challenging, but I have discovered a few TRICKS to use AI to create prompts that generate AMAZING images!
Just $47 $27
March 14, 2023
Stories define everything we do, watch, create, interact with, and more! So whether you want to create products or sell your works, you must understand the visual storytelling process!
Just $47 $27
March 21, 2023
New AI tech strategies are now making it possible to create amazing vector designs. Vectors are perfect for logos, POD products and more because they can scale infinitely!
Just $47 $27
March 28, 2023
There are 1,000's of Comics in the Public Domain. With the current advances in AI, we can now reinvent these comics and leverage new design style to create something fresh!
Just $47 $27
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